xXTKa Rewards Extension: October '22

It’s about that time where, once every 6 months, we discuss the rate of inflation we should pay out to XTK stakers (xXTKa holders). As a reminder, xXTKa holders receive both 1) fees from Terminal and 2) protocol inflation.

A lot has happened since our last vote. We finalized the deprecation of xToken Market, our asset management platform. And we’ve continued to develop our new permissionless investment bank platform, xToken Terminal, with a number of major features in the pipeline.

In April, xXTKa holders voted to pay out 1.75% of token supply (17.5m XTK) over the 6 month period. This represented a decline from the previous period. Based on initial discussions in Discord, the sentiment in the community is to continue to decrease the rate of emissions for this period. However, there is disagreement about how much emissions should decrease.

As such, the Snapshot vote proposes the following options for the upcoming 6 month period:

  • 1.25% of supply
  • 1.00% of supply
  • 0.75% of supply
  • 0.50% of supply

The Snapshot vote will remain open for 10 days. Any address with xXTKa prior to the snapshot is eligible to vote.