Project Ideas for Buidling

What are some cool projects that could be built using xTokens or with information about xTokens or XTK? What kind of API’s would be helpful to make available?

xGRT representing delegated GRTwould be a great addition

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Interesting and worth looking into! Still figuring out the best way to structure this forum but I created a new topic here for discussion on future xTokens. Thinking this thread could be more about general ecosystem projects. Thank you for the idea!

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Cool I posted some ideas there. It has always lowkey bothered me to not have access to liquidity after staking, glad STX solves this issue. I hope to see integration into other protocols someday.

So xToken is accumulating voting weight across some of the biggest protocols in the ecosystem.
We can be approached by 3rd parties who would have use for such weight. Is there a market for this that we can participate in from a disinterested 3rd party perspective?

Not vote buying per se, but some protocols require a certain amount of tokens in order to make a proposal. XTK tokens vest for 4 years, who knows where the ecosystem will be in 4 years? Will liquidity be spread so thin that it becomes necessary to find a benefactor?

This could be far future, but a governance sandbox could become apparently useful. xToken is paid for its diligence in reviewing proposals, we charge an application fee, then if we deem it unbiased / non malicious, etc. we make a proposal on their behalf. Everything is non refundable.

We could be approached for things we weren’t even aware we were in a position to do.

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