Ideas for new or improved xTokens

Post here for ideas on future xTokens to be built, or ways to improve current xTokens


Some crazy Ideas:
xIndex: A tokenized index fund tracking the growth of all of xTokens or perhaps several choices in the future (xIndex, xDefi, xDegen, xBlueChip, etc…)
xGRT (tokenized Delegated GRT)
xLink (tokenized staked Link Q2- Q3?)
xXTK (Tokenized staked XTK? I was thinking that were XTK to ever get staking rewards than perhaps it should be an xtoken as well… just an idea lol)
xEth (Tokenized staked Eth already many versions of this but xEth would certainly be a popular choice)
xYearn (Theoretically I don’t see why every YFI vault strategy can’t be wrapped and tokenized … why hold Dai when you could earn 20% apr holding a theoretical xYFIDai? Yearn already autocompounds into vaults but it would be interesting to see what people could do with a tokenized liquid version of this process. )


I wonder if another xAAVE makes sense?

Rather than staking 100% AAVE and compounding the rewards. Does the AAVE:ETH balancer pool offer a better return?

I know that the pool will get trading fees, and I think that the AAVE staking contract will give the holder the BAL rewards. So, the xVault could deposit AAVE into the 80:20 AAVE:ETH pool, generate the LP token and stake in AAVE.

Then the vault ould harvest bot AVE and BAL rewards (and get trading fees)…

Then we produce a Balancer pool to provide liquidity for xAAVEc so we have nested Balancer pools…

ok, the pool is here:

$304 M in the vault, $6.6 M volume at 0.1% = $6,600 fees per day = 0.8% fee APY. Im not sure what the BAL rewards are like.


-xMLN soon
-xZRX soon
-get xTokens into Aave
-get xTokens into Rari’s Fuse


I love the xYearn idea!

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I agree here. The BPT staking should be an option.

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Collateral on Cream is likely to be easier than AAVE.

Fuse may be even easier…


not sure what a xYEarn mean.

Do you mean xYFI ?

Saffron when v2 launches
Perpetual (when staking launches)


I’m interested to learn more about Saffron

Hegic and Bancor are in the works!


xYFI would imply that it is YFI staking and not a vault strategy

I believe the BPT version of AAVE is a necessity for xToken to include.

xSNXa is an example of something highly complex that is handled for users.
BPT version of AAVE is of course less complex than xSNXa but still significantly complex and gas intensive.

Itr looks like StakeDao is ripe for an xToke.

Looks like you stake and then have to claim rewards to compound the gains (like 1inch, AAVE etc)

Pity they called their staked token xSDT.

I believe they already assign rewards to your stake proportionately. The claimable amount is more like a redeemable amount.

@Miscreant having an xAAVE for Balancer staking is an interesting idea. We’d have to figure out how to message the potential for IL, as it’s a bit of a different offering and risk profile than our other products

@draven - we are researching saffron and perpetual for sure and as rory mentioned, hegic and bancor are in the advanced stages

How about an xSNXb which is less ETH Bull and more of a better hedge of the debt pool composition?


we’ll definitely consider something like this. we just have to wait until we have more clarity on the Synthetix L2 transition before launching any more xSNX instances


I second that one! It would be good to see how it affects performance.

Two ideas.

I’m constantly looking for the best return on wBTC/renBTC/etc. as well as on stablecoins.

Dreaming out loud.

We could have for each (BTC and stable) two versions:
1°) a Yearn/Curve version that constantly looks for the best yield on yearn or curve and does the job of jumping from one pool to another for the user. Pro: safe protocols Con: yield not crazy high
2°) a more degen version constantly looking for the best yields across DeFi. Pros: less safe protocols con: better yields

So 4 autocompounding tokens xBTCsafe, xBTCdegen, xStablesafe and xStabledegen.

While we’re at it, the same could be done with ETH.

I have no idea whether it is possible technically or not though
What do you think?

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I know xToken is working on stablecoin<>stablecoin strategies for Uniswap v3. Would recommend to focus on DAI pairs with USDC, GUSD, PAX, and maybe a few other reputable stablecoins, this could allow for incorporating efficient leverage from MakerDAO. Maker wants to offer stablecoin vaults on v3 (similar to existing Uniswap v2 DAI-USDC vault) but likely doesn’t have the capacity to build out the infra directly, and it would be great if we could just plug into an xtoken product.


yah! voot i would have to very agree on this