How many unminted GM/GA/GN/WAGMI NFTs should we burn?

The xToken NFT set designed by bingobongoplinkoplonko is one for the ages. We had the GM, GA and GN collections, as well as the more exclusive WAGMI. Minted NFTs from each set are now available on the Stratos marketplace on Arbitrum!! Find here: GM, GA, GN, WAGMI.

We opened this set up for mint for people who interacted with our Arbitrum products on xToken Market, creating more than enough supply so that anyone who participated could mint. We had great participation from our community and now that we’ve sunsetted xToken Market, it’s time to decide what to do with the unminted supply.

And their future scarcity is being decided upon right here, right now. We will be opening up a snapshot vote for early collectors to decide how much of the remaining GM / GA / GN and WAGMI supply will be burned. For each you hold, you’ll be allocated one vote.

Once the reduction in the supply has been decided, we’ll likely be opening up the remaining mint as well as reserving some supply for future community incentives, whether there will be airdrops to particularly active community members or to LPs on terminal. Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

So, although you might not be an early xNFT holder, we would very much like to hear your opinion(s) on how you foresee the NFTs being unlocked after some of the supply is burned.

If you are an early xNFT holder, we hope to see you in the snapshot vote.

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