Can we have a roadmap for 2021?

It has been quite some time since the hack threw the team off-rails and the dust has surely settled.

I understand that the next big thing will be the staking module, which is coming soon-ish.

What should we expect next from the team?

Can we have a roadmap and more transparency on what the team is working on and doing?

What will follow after the staking module?
What after that?
What is the team hiring for and what are the hiring plans for 2021? And why?
And if that isn’t too nosy, what is the runway that the team has?

Am indeed a bit curious as to the viability and sustainability of the team expanding at this low-point. There is definitely information that is missing and it would help the confidence in the project if that information was shared.

There is no question of our trust in the abilities of the team, yet this must not be abused. A steady, periodical, update brief, is what we should all ask the team to commit to. Like a scrum of shorts, on a monthly (?) basis:

  • What did we do past month
  • What we’ll be working on the next month
  • Challenged we faced and are facing.

Let’s do a mini-roadmap/priorities list here. This is a non-exhaustive list of projects in progress.

xToken Mgmt staking module: very soon

xU3LP Wave 2: quite soon

xAssets in progress:

xToken Lending:
Contracts are done but we’ve got a fair bit of infrastructure and monitoring work to do. Launching a lending protocol requires a lot more than just the contract code and we want to be fully prepared. We’re currently preparing documentation for market makers to participate in our liquidation process. Once we’ve built these relationships and developed our own internal tooling, we will feel more comfortable launching

Once Lending is launched, we’re planning on building leveraged products on top of our xU3LP funds (likely on ETH and BTC pairs). Leveraging our own internal lending service, we can privilege our own funds to make them non-liquidatable, allowing us to experiment with higher leverage. Additionally, these products will be earning Uni V3 trading fees, which we expect to roughly cancel out interest payments from leverage/debt.